1. 6 Questions for Stephen Cherry

    6 Questions for Stephen Cherry

    Stephen Cherry chatted with us about his book Barefoot Ways and his plans for 2019. 

  2. A Very Brief History of SPCK’s Charitable Work

    A Very Brief History of SPCK’s Charitable Work

    Our Fundraising Assistant Catriona Brickel reflects on the values that led to the creation of SPCK, and how those values are still what drive us today.     

  3. Managing MS Naturally

    Managing MS Naturally

    Tessa Buckley grew up near Epsom race course in Surrey. As a child, she spent a lot of time writing and illustrating stories. After leaving school, she studied interior design at Chelsea College of Art and worked in architecture and design in London until 1989, when she was forced to give up her career after developing multiple sclerosis. That was when she decided to fulfil her long- held ambition to become a writer. She has written extensively about health and nutrition and family history, and a new edition of her self-help book, The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book, was published in 2017. She is also the author of two children’s novels. She now lives by the sea in Essex with her husband, where she is a regular contributor to the Essex Book Festival.

  4. How to be a Dementia-friendly Church

    How to be a Dementia-friendly Church

    Dr Trevor Adams is Director of Passionate Dementia Care, which offers training and consultancy to churches and Christian organisations in supporting people living with dementia. Trevor is a nurse and specialises in dementia care. He holds a doctorate in dementia care, has written widely and spoken at dementia conferences and universities in the UK, Europe, Australia and Japan. Trevor is a Trustee of Dementia Friendly Pentlands, Edinburgh.

    Dementia-friendly churches welcome people living with dementia and their family carers and offer them a sense of belonging. Many dementia-friendly churches work alongside other organisations that also look to make the community dementia-friendly, such as shops, gyms, and banks. Dementia-friendly churches clearly displays God’s presence with people living with dementia. God remembers them and that they are not forgotten.

  5. How can I help my child to open up?

    How can I help my child to open up?

    Dr Sarah Vohra, author of Mental Health in Children and Young People, blogs for us on World Mental Health Day. 

    It can be a real struggle to open up to others about our concerns and problems, and there’s no worse feeling than not being able to help when you know someone is struggling. 

    Dr Vohra provides practical advice to help the conversation flow more freely. 


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