1. Five non-fiction books – International Book Giving Day

    Five non-fiction books – International Book Giving Day

    With international book giving day taking place today, this entirely volunteer-based initiative is aimed at giving awareness and sharing the love of books. Originating in the UK, volunteers and book lovers alike join in on the yearly celebration worldwide by giving the gift of books to others with the hope of instilling in them an affinity and enthusiasm for books.

    Increasingly becoming popular each year, people can join in and take part in the celebration in a variety of ways. Some volunteers go to their local libraries and make donations, as well as school libraries for younger readers and other public community centres.

    With this in mind, SPCK has picked five books from their non-fiction list as an opportunity to gift to others on this day.

  2. Remembering Michael Green

    Remembering Michael Green

    Our author Michael Green passed away on 6 February 2019. 

  3. Jonathan Sandys: The Man Who Could Call Churchill ‘Great-Grandpapa’

    Jonathan Sandys: The Man Who Could Call Churchill ‘Great-Grandpapa’

    Jonathan Sandys, co-author of God and Churchill, passed away of chronic lung disease on 29 December 2018. 

    His co-author Wallace Henley had some very kind words to write. 

  4. Remembering Sister Wendy

    Remembering Sister Wendy

    By Philip Law, her editor at SPCK

    In his book Being Disciples, Rowan Williams describes what it feels like to be in the presence of a holy person:

    ‘A holy person makes you see things in yourself and around you that you hadn't seen before, that is to say, enlarges the world rather than shrinking it. . . . They allow you to see, not them, but the world around them. They allow you to see not them, but God. You come away from them, not feeling, 'Oh, what a wonderful person or persons'; you come away feeling, 'What a wonderful world or what a wonderful God.’ -
    Being Disciples (SPCK, 2016), Chapter 4

    That is just how I felt when I first met Sister Wendy, back in 2011. I had written to her a few weeks before to ask whether she would be interested in working on an anthology of passages from the Bible illustrated by great works of art and accompanied by her reflections on the text and the paintings. The result was Sister Wendy’s Bible Treasury, which SPCK published in 2012.

  5. 6 Questions for Stephen Cherry

    6 Questions for Stephen Cherry

    Stephen Cherry chatted with us about his book Barefoot Ways and his plans for 2019. 


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