Although most of the books we publish are commissioned by our editors, SPCK is always on the look-out for talented new authors, and the Editorial Department meets regularly to discuss submissions.

If you would like your work to be considered for publication, please complete the form below.


  • While we try to respond promptly to all submissions, it may be several weeks before you receive a reply from an editor.
  • If we think your proposal could have potential, we may invite you to submit one or two sample chapters before making a firm decision.
  • Any sample material we may ask to see should be saved in a single Word file and attached to an email.
  • We do not accept for publication physical typescripts that are sent to us by post.
  • If you are interested in exploring the possibility of writing for Marylebone House, please send a brief synopsis of your novel and a sample chapter to

Please provide a brief description of yourself (including name, title, affiliation and any relevant qualifications for writing the book you have in mind). If possible, please also explain how you are already engaged with potential readers or the community in which your readers are found.
Please provide positive quotes from reviews of any previous publications.
2. The Book
Please describe the essential purpose of the book in just one sentence (max. 50 words).
Please identify at least three key features and try to express them in terms of their benefits to the intended readers.
In a few sentences, please describe the purpose, scope and overall argument of your book (max. 250 words, split into at least two paragraphs).
Please set out a provisional list of contents with a brief description of what you plan to cover under each chapter (max 100 words).
Roughly how many words, including any notes and references plus the bibliography.
When would you expect the final complete draft of the book to be ready?
3. The Market
What readership(s) do you have in mind? Please be specific and try to identify main and subsidiary readerships.
Why is a new book needed on this subject? How is your book designed to meet that need? Why will readers feel attracted to your book? (max. 100 words)
What response do you want your readers to have after reading your book? (max. 100 words)
Please list comparable books in print (including any published by SPCK) and then explain how yours will differ from them and, more importantly, improve on them. Please provide links.
Do you have suggestions as to how your book might be promoted?
Please supply names of suitable people who may provide an endorsement that could be used for publicity purposes. If appropriate, please include at least one from North America.