Mission and Vision

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Our vision is a world where everyone is transformed by Christian knowledge.

This vision, which inspired our founder Thomas Bray in 1698, matters more than ever in an era that our President, Archbishop Justin Welby, says is characterized by ‘a lack of religious literacy’. SPCK is taking responsibility for providing a Christian voice to address this decline in understanding.

We punch above our weight, reaching across boundaries to impact people both widely and deeply. Half a million books and apps sold each year. Plus eighty-eight translation languages. Plus 50,000 web visitors each month. We are a small charity that punches above our weight in changing people’s lives.

Our mission is to lead the way in creating books & resources that help everyone make sense of faith.

Our unique value proposition is driven by the combination of our people and our partnerships. We are creators, curators, connectors and collaborators.

SPCK was founded in 1698 by Thomas Bray. SPCK has always taken the lead in filling in the gaps where neither the local parish nor the national church can reach. Today you will find our work in schools and prisons across the UK, and bookshelves and smartphones around the world.

Journey with us and our partners as we continue our growth towards reaching a million people every month.

Our partners and supporters find that SPCK plays an important part in bringing about the world they want to see, where everyone benefits from Christian knowledge. To find out more about supporting and working with SPCK, please visit our support us page, or email

Justin Welby endorses SPCK