The 1698 Club

The work SPCK does, for example in prisons and in schools, is such a blessing. Being able to put our faith in front of people all over the world, with the best and most marvellous authors and contributors, that’s priceless. The team have brilliant ideas and a real enthusiasm for embracing the best of the past, present and future, and it has been a pleasure to get to know them. 1698 Club member

1698 club banner

As a member of the 1698 Club:

  • Members of the 1698 Club contribute a minimum of £141.50 per month - £1,698 per year - by standing order or direct debit, to support SPCK's core costs.
  • Where we are able to collect Gift Aid, this represents over £2000 per year to help SPCK.
  • Members of the Club feel a particular affinity to SPCK, and those who wish, get involved in our work and are regularly consolted on books, strategy and fundraising.
  • The annual black-tie dinner with a celebrity speaker is a convivial occasion.

To find out how you can join The 1698 Club, get in touch today.