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A time of spiritual reflection in the busy school day

Schools in England and Wales are required by law to provide a time of spiritual reflection or collective worship of a broadly Christian character and for many children, School Assembly is the only time they get to think about how they relate to others, to develop their characters, and to reflect on themes and issues in the wider world.

Yet many teachers are either too busy or not confident enough to create effective and interesting assemblies. is a collection of free, easy-to-follow scripts for school assemblies written by professional teachers and writers. With over 50,000 unique users a month, the School Assemblies Website is ensuring quality spiritual reflection in schools everywhere.

Teachers particularly appreciate our ready-to-go 'rapid response' assemblies which comment on events in the news, usually within 24 hours of the stories breaking.

To find the latest seasonal scripts as well as an archive of over 1,500 items, visit

How can you help Assemblies?

£10 will pay for our proof-reader, Hilary, to proof-read one assembly script.
£40 will pay an author to write one assembly script. Some of these are downloaded over 10,000 times which means they could be reaching over a million children.
£80 will allow us to post a primary and secondary “rapid response” assembly after a major news event.

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