Upcoming programmes

SPCK has some exciting programmes in development


  • Over 40% of Fresh Expressions and over half of home groups are run by people with no formal theological training
  • Time commitments and the perceived academic challenges put people off formal training
  • Equip aims to empower lay leaders with online training and webinars

Equip will create a series of online webinars in association with Church Army. Seminar leaders will mostly be SPCK and IVP authors.

The live webinar format means the leaders can respond to webinar attendee questions in real-time. The recordings will then form a bank of quality archive material. As Equip is online, users can access the content at anytime, anywhere.

A series of webinar topics are already in development, including topics such as "How to start a youth group from scratch".

Equip webinar banner

Pilots are being conducted in Newcastle, Carlisle and Leicester Dioceses. Equip is still in its infancy; rough figures for the project to move ahead:

  • £5,000 will cover the costs of the pilot with three Dioceses.
  • £10,000 will cover the cost of developing a website which will host the archive of recorded webinars.
  • £30,000 per annum will enable us to employ someone to maintain the Equip website and market a hundred webinars a year.

If you're interested in finding out more or supporting the project, please get in touch below.

Why on Earth?

  • Long talks do not suit all learning styles.
  • Multi-ethnic and working-class environments need accessible resources.
  • Structured courses are difficult for churches to run and difficult for some individuals to attend.
  • Most enquirers need to get over pre-evangelistic hurdles, such as 'Why does God allow suffering?' or 'Does God even exist?', before they can attend formal courses.

Why on Earth, supported by the Archbishop of Cantebury, will develop an interactive, rather than didactic, resource, including animations, in stand-alone sessions. This approach will allow enquirers to drop-in at any point

The sessions will tackle some common questions such as 'Why do bad things happen to good people?'. All sessions will be made available, for free, online - equally suitable for individuals or groups.

why on earth banner

A few funding goals for Why on Earth:

  • £1,000 will enable SPCK to create a 16-page leaflet bt a well-known author to accompany one of the sessions
  • £10,000 will fund a pilot in churches throughout the UK.
  • £25,000 will fully fund SPCK's share of the final development of the scheme

If you're interested in finding out more or supporting the project, please get in touch below.