Why leave a legacy to SPCK? 

Leaving a legacy, however large or small, is a generous and effective way of making sure your loved ones, and the causes you care about, receive the financial support you intend when you are gone. 

It seemed natural to remember SPCK. I like to know that I will still be supporting SPCK after I’m gone. I like to know that I will still be supporting SPCK after I’m gone. I like to support charities like SPCK because bigger, better-known charities get so much support from other people, but SPCK relies on people like me to help. 

June, who has pledged a legacy to SPCK

At the bottom of this page you will find a series of questions and answers, but do please get in touch using the form below, or call our Partnerships Director, Primavera Quantrill on 020 7592 3911, if you’d like to discuss leaving a legacy to SPCK in more detail.

Primavera Quantrill       Partnerships Director, Primavera Quantrill

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Questions and Answers

How do I make a will? 

We strongly recommend you consult a qualified solicitor. You can find a solicitor by: looking online or in your local telephone directory; contacting The Law Society on 020 7242 1222. 

If you have already made a will, it is advisable to keep it up to date. Adding SPCK to an existing will can be done easily and cheaply with a legal document called a codicil. You can do this using the wording in this pack. [once we’ve put it in]

What information do I need to give to my solicitor? 

If you decide to leave a legacy to SPCK, you will need to give your solicitor our registered charity number (231144) and address (36 Causton Street, London SW1P 4ST). You should also advise which type of gift you wish to leave. 

What are the different types of legacies you can make? 

There are three main types of legacy gifts: 

  • A residuary legacy: a percentage of your estate after all other gifts to family and friends are satisfied; 
  • A pecuniary legacy: a specified amount of money;
  • A specific legacy: an item such as a personal possession (an antique or jewellery), land, buildings or investments such as shares.

What about inheritance tax? 

Your solicitor will be able to advise you about leaving a legacy which is as tax efficient as possible. This includes explaining new government rules that allow for a reduction in the rate of inheritance tax for individuals who leave at least 10 per cent of their estate to charity.

What does leaving a legacy involve?

More questions? Please feel free to contact Primavera Quantrill, our Partnerships Director, at any time and in total confidence. You can call her on 020 7592 3911 or email  

Can I make or update a will myself?

You can but, unless your affairs are very simple, it is advisable to consult a solicitor or will-writing service. If you have already made a will, it is advisable to keep it up to date. You can add SPCK to an existing will using a legal document called a codicil, of which an example is provided Here but, unless your existing will is very simple, you will need to consult a solicitor to ensure that any codicil does not contradict or confuse the existing provisions of your will.