African Theological Network Press (ATNP)

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There are twice as many Christians in Nigeria as in the UK.

The meteoric rise of Christianity on the African continent has created opportunities for crafting Christian thought that is fully African and fully Christian.

However, publishing this thought is either still too dependent on Global North Christian publishing or too localised, often not moving beyond its single African country of origin.

The African Theological Network Press (ATNP) will develop structures on the continent to break the systemic logjams that restrict African theological institutions from accessing African Christian thought.

ATNP is building a central commissioning and pre-print editorial unit on the African continent and multiple print and distribution centres in different English-speaking African countries and in the Global North.

ATNP is drawing on the expertise of leading African theological institutions to shape the content of its books and will appoint an editorial manager who will be based at one of these institutions. 

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