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Christianity is flourishing in Africa!

  • Africa is home to 641 million Christians – the largest Christian population in the world
  • By 2060, 1 in 4 Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa!
  • There are twice the number of Christians in Nigeria as there are in the UK

So, why can’t African Christians read the books they want most?

The African church is under-resourced

The African Christian population is youthful, creative and dynamic. It is joyful. It provides a fresh new perspective on our relationship with Christ and His love for us.

However, it is hugely under-resourced.

African churches and ministers are often dependent on publishers in the Global North for their study materials, but all too often these texts do not speak to African Christians.

African theologians, who have experienced the meteoric rise of Christianity in Africa and understand the unique issues that the Church faces in Africa, struggle to publish their work to a large audience. Instead, publishing is localised and doesn’t often move beyond its country of origin. Or, even worse, African theology is published in the global north but isn’t returned to Africa.

The ATNP can change this…

Led by editorial manager, Kyama Mugambi, the ATNP will:

  • Commission African authors to produce books that are relevant to the African church;
  • Edit these works in Africa, employing local people;
  • Send the manuscripts electronically to local presses, where they will be printed and distributed;
  • Select and print suitable titles in the Global North, so that we can all benefit from African insights;
  • Aim to be self-sufficient in six years!

Please, join us on the global journey of Christianity!

This is such an exciting time for global Christianity, and we would love you to be involved in the growth of the church.

The ATNP is a unique opportunity to unlock the treasure trove of African Christian thought for Africa and for the whole world!

Help make the voice of African Christianity heard…

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