3 biography recommendations from SPCK for Christmas

3 biography recommendations from SPCK for Christmas

We read biographies to understand the world around us, to learn more about other people, and to see ourselves in others’ experiences. We don’t need to be a celebrity or a public figure to write a moving story. Books about ordinary people can be just as compelling as the biography of a famous painter or guitarist, if not more.

For our biography recommendations, we’ve chosen books about everyday people who simply and bravely told the stories they were meant to tell. They didn’t look for recognition or fame. They shared a story that mattered to them and, in turn, their work mattered to us too. It’s been a privilege to have published these books in 2018.

God’s Biker by Sean Stillman is our first choice. The son of a pastor, he was a very shy and insecure child. When he became a pastor himself, he felt a strong calling to support people whom other churches might not accept, and to live humbly with his friends, providing community and support that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them. A life-affirming biography of a very humble and considerate person.

Our second choice in the biography category is Midwife of Borneo by Wendy Gray Rogerson and Barbara Fox. Each new page is as gripping as the previous one. It tells the story of a Newcastle nurse, who undertook pioneering work in Borneo in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Wendy Gray became the only medical practitioner in the region. She carried out every procedure her patients required, doing the work of a doctor, dentist, surgeon and midwife. A truly inspiring read, which proves that there are no limits as to what we are capable of. When we trust God, we can accomplish anything. A perfect gift for fans of adventurous biographies and Call The Midwife.

Our third choice is They Called Us Love by April Holden and Debbie Meroff. April Holden felt called by God to serve underprivileged children in Africa. She was deemed too unwell to travel or work, but she never wavered in her faith or her commitment to help others. A year later, she was accepted by a mission.

April returned to Britain in 2013, utterly exhausted, but was soon back in action with a new mission, working with Operation Mobilisation from a base in Zambia to train workers in helping homeless children. An absolutely fascinating story of courage and trust in God. This is perfect for anyone interested in overseas mission and would make a great gift for a family who sponsor children.

If you make the time to read at least one of these biographies over the holidays, you won’t regret it.

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