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Publication Date: 31 Oct 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Words: 70000
Page Count: 256
Author: April Holden|Deborah Meroff
ISBN-13: 9780281079063, 9780281079070, 9780281081516

They Called Us Love

The Story of April Holden and Africa's Street Children
By April Holden, Deborah Meroff
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April Holden was told Africa would lead to her death. She went anyway.

Despite chronic health problems, she was accepted by a mission, which sent her initially to Egypt. Then she seized the chance to move to one of the toughest, most war-torn countries in North Africa, pioneering homes for street boys traumatized by war or fleeing abuse. In these loving homes, the youngsters could recover and, repeatedly, she saw miracles of provision and protection.

April returned to Britain in 2013, utterly exhausted, but was soon back in action with a new mission, working with Operation Mobilisation from a base in Zambia to train workers helping homeless children.

April Holden has discovered a strength beyond her own.

‘A remarkable testimony to what God can do when you follow him wholeheartedly.’ - Andy Butcher, author of Street Children
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About the Author
Deborah Meroff grew up in New England and spent summers on the coast of Maine. After earning BA and MLS degrees she worked in several libraries and authored her first books: Coronation of Glory; the Story of Lady Jane Grey, and Captain, My Captain. She then went to sea with OM Ships, serving as press officer for several years and eventually serving on 4 different vessels. After shipwrecking at the bottom of South America she returned to land and made her base in London, continuing to travel to over 100 countries and authoring countless articles and further books as a journalist and photographer. She most enjoys writing about the unsung heroes she has met and places she has visited, and never tires of going back to the sea for inspiration. She now lives in Maine.
Press Reviews

April Holden works with the poorest of the poor through Operation Mobilisation’s global outreach programmes. They Called Us Love details April's compassion-fuelled strategies for responding to the human brokenness that occurs when hope is crushed. Effective training programs for community, church, students and crisis care workers have been built around resources that have been successful in similar ministries. Crisis Care Training International is grateful for the opportunity to join hands with April Holden in her vision to continue God’s story of binding up the broken-hearted and setting captives free. Readers will be challenged to join April in embracing this vision.

- Phyllis Kilbourn, PhD, Founder and Education Director, Crisis Care Training International

Equal parts a call to compassion and a challenge to complacency, this book is a remarkable testimony to what God can do when you follow him wholeheartedly.

- Andy Butcher, author of Street Children

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