Remembering Michael Green

Remembering Michael Green

Our author Michael Green passed away on 6 February 2019. 

SPCK Editor Philip Law wrote,

‘Michael Green was a superbly gifted communicator whose passionate devotion to Jesus, love of the Bible and infectious enthusiasm for preaching the gospel shines through in the many books he leaves behind.

A good example is the last book he published: Radical Leadership – in the New Testament and Today. It was described by Bishop Graham Tomlin as ‘a little goldmine’ in which he ‘distils a lifetime of the close reading of Scripture with his own extensive leadership experience, while drawing on his unparalleled experience of the worldwide church and decades of evangelistic ministry’.

Michael was such a generous and warm-hearted author to work with. He always took the trouble to express his gratitude to his publishers, as in the last email he sent regarding the Advent book he wrote with his wife, Rosemary: In Touch with God – Advent Meditations on Biblical Prayers. He said:

‘I think we have had more positive comments about the book you commissioned on prayer than on almost any book I have been involved in. People are going through it for the second time. Others tell us that it has been speaking precisely into their need!’

May these and the many other books published by Michael – in a writing career that spanned over fifty years – continue to meet the needs of Christians all over the world who share the deep love for Jesus that motivated all he said and did.’

IVP Editor Steve Mitchell wrote,

‘Michael published several important books for IVP, including Matthew in the Bible Speaks Today series and the best-selling Compelled by Joy. His passion for the Bible and evangelism remained strong; only two weeks ago Michael was excited to share with us his latest manuscript and to tell the latest stories from the mission field. His enthusiasm for, and skill in, telling the Gospel story will serve the church well for many generations to come.’

Our heartfelt condolences to Michael’s family.

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