5 Minutes With Gaby Doherty

5 Minutes With Gaby Doherty

We will publish Grenfell Hope by Gaby Doherty on 14 June. Ahead of the book’s release, she chatted with us about writing.

1. Why was it important to you to write Grenfell Hope?

I thought it was important to be doing what I was called to do in the wake of the fire. I knew I was called to the area by God and I believed that I had a purpose. I just needed to find out what it was.

When I realised this is what I could do that might help people then I decided that I would write a book.

2. Whose writing do you look to for inspiration?

I studied English Literature and Language for a degree and so I’ve read a lot of classics.

I guess that many of the concepts Dickens underlines are things that I resonate with, although you have to read 600 pages to find them so it’s not something I’ve done lately with 4 children at home.

I enjoyed studying Martin Luther for his take on the poor and Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal has stayed with me and definitely needs a revamp for the modern era.

For modern theology I love Graham Tomlin which is lucky as he’s my Bishop and Sean Doherty for ethics, which is also lucky as he is my husband.

3. What was the most challenging part of writing the book?

The hardest part was engaging my emotions and constantly remembering those who had died and how they had died but it was also healing as it helped me process my pain so now I am able to talk about it all. I still can’t talk about my daughter’s friend Amaya and her family publicly without crying.

4. What’s something that surprised you about the writing process?

I was surprised about how easy the writing process was and how much I had to say. I’d tried to write books before and managed about a page before finishing. Once I started Grenfell Hope I couldn’t stop and there is still a lot of material that I wish I had been able to access in the three and a half months that it took to write the book.

Gaby Doherty will be speaking at St Andrews Bookshop on 16 June. Register for the event here

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