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Publication Date: 16 Aug 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Words: 1000
Page Count: 32
Author: Sylvia Green
ISBN-13: 9780281076727, 9780281076734

We're Hungry Too

By Sylvia Green
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ISBN: 9780281076727
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Ellie loves sleepovers with Aunt Miranda, who is the best cook in the world! After breakfast, they like to feed the birds – but what about the squirrels? They’re hungry too!

At the baker’s, Ellie loves all the tempting cakes on offer – but what about the children who don’t have enough to eat? They’re hungry too!

At the park, Ellie loves to feed the fluffy ducklings – but what about the older ducks? They’re hungry too!

A lovely book to help children think about caring for animals and wildlife, and sharing what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves.
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About the Author
Sylvia Green is the author of a popular series of Christmas animal stories including The Best Christmas Present Ever (Second edition 2014), The Christmas Wish (2004) and The Christmas Pony (2001), all published by Scholastic. She lives in Walton-upon-Thames, Surrey with her family and two cats.

David Lorenzo is an illustrator based in Spain.

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