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Publication Date: 1 Nov 2009
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: Rosemary Lain-Priestley
ISBN-13: 9780281060610

Unwrapping the Sacred

Seeing God In The Everyday
By Rosemary Lain-Priestley
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In the spring of 2008, Rosemary Lain-Priestley began to reflect on the themes of the unfolding year (little realizing quite how momentous a year it would be!) In this wholly engaging book, she helps us ponder our own lives, thoughts and feelings through the exploration of recognizable and resonant issues and events, and points beyond those issues and events to the God who is within all of us. 'We need to live the so-called ordinary stuff of our lives in such a way that when we look back there are as few moments as possible when we failed to pay real attention, to share our thoughts freely with one another, to wonder at the sheer wonder of it all. Because if we prepare well for our dreams and live them with courage, imagination and understanding, water can become wine . . . ' from Chapter 12 , 'The sublime in the ridiculous'.
About the Author
The Revd Rosemary Lain-Priestley is Dean of Women's Ministry for the Two Cities Area in the Diocese of London. She broadcasts regularly on BBC Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day', and was until recently on the staff of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square.

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