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Publication Date: 15 Jun 2017
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Words: 25000
Page Count: 144
Author: Isaac Borquaye
ISBN-13: 9780281076314, 9780281076321, 9780281080816

Unpopular Culture

By Isaac Borquaye
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ISBN: 9780281076314
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Money is the key to happiness.
Work hard, play hard.
Look out for number one.

Popular culture is full of phrases like these, telling us the best way to live, the right things to buy, the right body shape to have, the right people to hang out with. These messages are everywhere we look, 24 hours a day.

But what if there was another way to live?

What if we chose to live differently: to stand against injustice, to live life for more than just ourselves, to dare to be unpopular?

Guvna B is rebelling against the status quo, and he’s calling you to join him.

It’s time to flip the script, to demonstrate another way to live, to find freedom in going against the grain.

It’s time for unpopular culture to take the stage.
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About the Author
Guvna B is a double MOBO award winning Grime/Rap artist from London. He became the first rapper in UK history to top the Official Christian & Gospel charts. He holds mainstream records too with his album SECRET WORLD being the highest selling 'clean' rap album in 2015.

As well as sharing stages with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Kirk Franklin and Lecrae, his story has been covered by the BBC, Sky News, and Channel 4. He has worked with artists such as Matt Redman, Hillsong Music, Nick Brewer, Destiny Child's Michelle Williams, and Keisha Buchanan.

In creating output, the Business & Journalism graduate draws from his faith, personal experiences, and observations made while living in and around the gritty and fast-paced streets of London. Guvna B, an avid West Ham fan, hopes to inspire young people to reach their full God-given potential.
Press Reviews

Guvna B is a creative, credible and courageous voice to millennials. I’ve seen him speak to huge crowds on stage through his music, and I’ve seen him speak off the stage, just as powerfully, into the lives of young people. Through the pages of this brilliant new book he’ll speak directly to you - telling you his story, and encouraging you in yours. Unpopular Culture will help to refresh your worldview, renew your mind - and cheer you on as you live with purpose and passion for Christ.

- Matt Redman, Grammy award winning singer/songwriter

Guvna B has an amazing way with words and always has done as an artist, so to have the brilliant, wise words from him in print is a must have for anyone who needs positivity in their life.

- Alec Boateng. Head of A&R, Atlantic Records

I love this book. I love it because the words written carry weight from Isaac's real life experiences.
He could be performing to 10,000 in an arena or a 100 in a youth club basement and he will still plaster it all over social media and give everything he has got because he cares about the next generation.
He does what he does for the broken teenager rather than the fame, popularity or credit. You will enjoy this book; it’s raw, real and relevant to today’s culture.

- Dan Blythe, Youth & Young Adults Pastor, Hillsong London

Guvna B has always stood out to me for being the kind of artist your parents would want you to listen to but then also being an artist most MC's would be scared to go toe to toe with. His music is a perfect balance of vibe, skill and deep messages. His music is a reflection of this book, so you'll definitely enjoy it.


This book will totally take you into the depths of who Guvna B is. He is so honest on his journey. While reading this book, I found so many similarities. This book will inspire you and bring clarity on what your purpose is. No matter what path you choose, Guvna B encourages you to be a light and shine wherever you go.

- Michelle Williams, Destiny’s Child

It is so important in life to have role models and to be inspired by individuals who are following their path whilst spreading positive vibes everywhere they go. Through Unpopular Culture, Guvna B is doing just this. He is a young talented man who is leading by example.

- Oliver Proudlock, founder of Serge DeNimes and Made in Chelsea reality TV star

Guvna B is a great example for the youth and a very knowledgable guy. You'll love Unpopular Culture.

- Posty, GRM Daily

Guvna B genuinely cares about making an impact on young people. His passion, drive and dedication is an inspiration. With Unpopular Culture, he has some good stuff to say, trust me.

- Naomi Scott, actress and singer

I've known Guvna B for a few years now but knew of his work before that. He is a man of the church, yet reaches non-church goers because of his honest lyrics. That's not an easy challenge but Guvna does it effortlessly. Unpopular Culture showcases moral character, decency and humility. You'll love it!

- Richard Blackwood, Eastenders Actor and Comedian

I've known Guvna B for a while now and he is a very positive person. I'm confident that if you read his book it will inspire you and many other people too.

- Dion Dublin, former England footballer

A ‘fine resource’ for ‘anyone working at making disciples of young people in the rap culture’

- Church Times

wonderful book
refreshingly honest

- Youthwork Magazine

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