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Publication Date: 16 Apr 2015
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: Miranda Threlfall-Holmes
ISBN-13: 9780281072576, 9780281072583

The Teenage Prayer Experiment Notebook

By Miranda Threlfall-Holmes
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This book is based on a blog run by Revd Miranda Threlfall-Holmes and her teenage son, Noah, Miranda and Noah developed the blog and book as they could find nothing on the market to introduce teenagers to different ways of praying.

Each chapter of the book introduces a prayer practice, eg using labyrinths, Lego Bible modelling, prayer beads, prayer walking. It also includes comments by teenagers who have tried it out and space for the young person to record their own thoughts.
About the Author
Revd Dr Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is Vicar of Belmont and Pittington in the Diocese of Durham and an honorary fellow of Durham University. She is co-editor of Being a Chaplain (SPCK, 2011) and author of The Essential History of Christianity (SPCK, 2012). Noah Threlfall-Holmes is Miranda's teenage son.
Press Reviews

It’s really captured the imaginations of my young people

- Ruth Harley, youth worker

Produced by a mother-and-son team (Noah is aged 13), this is a different attempt to engage with younger people and encourage them to learn about prayer, using innovative and contemporary culture to hold their attention.
Centring around a blog produced by mum (a vicar in the Diocese of Durham and author), each chapter presents a 'prayer practice' offering diverse activities to encourage prayer including Lego Bible modelling, building a Minecraft church and prayer walking. Whilst written from an Anglican perspective, there are useful tips and suggestions for anyone seeking to engage with children and young people and seeking to encourage them to discover prayer or a deeper spirituality.
The book, produced in a very different style to SPCK's typical catalogue, clearly to appeal to a younger market, was inspired when mum Miranda had two brothers seeking to be confirmed within her parish. When looking for a suitable gift for them, she could find nothing in local Christian bookstores and resolved to find or create something that would measure up.
However, both authors are clear that the book is not experts preaching or telling others what to do. Rather it offers permission and gives room for experimentation in allowing pre-teens and teenagers to discover their own prayer life. Summarising the premise of the work, Miranda writes: This is not a book to teach teenagers about prayer. It is a book to encourage teenagers to try prayer out for themselves.

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