About our ebooks

Purchasing and downloading our ebooks

The ebooks available to purchase on our website come in different formats, although not all books are available in all formats. Please make sure you buy and download the correct format for your device (please see below for guidance on this). Please note that if you wish to read an eBook on your Kindle device or Kindle app, you will need to purchase and download a MOBI format.

How to download your ebook

  • After you purchase an ebook you will receive a link to your eLibrary, where you can download your ebook onto your computer or other device.
  • You can download the ebook up to five times so you can load it on to more than one device. NB: Each time you open it in a browser will count as one download so you will need to save it permanently by, for example, opening it up in an appropriate app on your device.
  • MOBI files will generally take longer to download than ePUB files - anything up to a few minutes is normal.