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Publication Date: 21 Nov 2019
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 192
ISBN-13: 9780281081578, 9780281081585

The Spiritual Formation of Evelyn Underhill

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ISBN: 9780281081578
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ISBN: 9780281081585
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Given the renewed interest in Evelyn Underhill with the publication of Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book (SPCK, January 2018), the time seems right to offer a fresh perspective on the writer’s spiritual formation. Having undertaken original research, Robyn Wrigley-Carr first explores the spiritual nurture that Evelyn Underhill received from Baron Friedrich von Hügel (‘to whom I owe my spiritual life’). Second she reveals the spiritual nurture that Underhill gave to people herself, utilizing both published and unpublished materials.

At the heart of the book is the idea of a ‘long obedience in the same direction’: Underhill’s life had purpose and meaning as a result of the Baron’s spiritual direction and the soul care she tirelessly bestowed on others.
About the Author
Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr is Senior Lecturer in theology and spirituality at Alphacrucis College, Sydney, Australia. She studied her MCS (Spiritual Theology) at Regent College, Vancouver and her thesis examined 'self-knowledge' in Teresa of Avila. She received an ORS scholarship and additional funding from the University of St Andrews to pursue her PhD full-time and graduated in 2013. Her doctorate examined Baron Friedrich von Hügel as a spiritual director.

As well as being an academic, Robyn is a spiritual director and retreat leader, having completed her 3 years of formation training (Grad Dip SD) through Wellspring Spirituality Centre (University of Divinity, Melbourne).

She is the editor of Evelyn Underhill's Prayer Book (SPCK, 2018) and the Book Reviews Editor for the Journal for the Study of Spirituality. This is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (Taylor & Francis) and is the journal for the British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS).
Press Reviews

‘the most extensive and inviting introduction’ . . . 'a brilliantly written book'

- Eugene Peterson

[On EVELYN UNDERHILL’S PRAYER BOOK] For those who love Evelyn Underhill and her many writings this Prayer Book is a real find! Here in this handsomely produced book is her compilation of prayers from the saints, theologians, liturgical texts, and her own prayers. These served as a resource in her work as a pioneering retreat leader and spiritual director. Reading these prayers puts the reader in the company of a woman of profound wisdom and deep prayerfulness. Her love of God and care for others is palpable.

- Dana Greene, President, The Evelyn Underhill Association

. . . the slim Foreword by Eugene Peterson is a fine pointer to the banquet of a read that Robyn has so well prepared on the finest of tables – she has served Underhill well and wisely.

- Clarion Journal of Spirituality and Justice

In the diocese of Chelmsford we have always treasured our association with Evelyn Underhill and her love for what is now our Retreat House at Pleshey. It was therefore tremendously exciting to discover her handwritten collection of prayers. This book now makes those prayers available to everyone. To read them and to pray them though is to enter into the heart and experience the spirituality of one of the most significant Christian writers of the 20th century.

- Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford

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