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Publication Date: 15 Sep 2016
Publisher: Marylebone House
Words: 73000
Page Count: 240
Author: Kel Richards
ISBN-13: 9781910674321, 9781910674338

The Sinister Student

By Kel Richards
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ISBN: 9781910674321
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ISBN: 9781910674338
It’s a Thursday evening in 1936. Clive Staples Lewis (known to all his friends as “Jack”) is hosting a gathering of that well-known literary group, The Inklings. Among the regulars are his brother Warnie, J. R. R. Tolkien, Neville Coghill, Hugo Dyson and Adam Fox. Two visitors are also attending – Jack’s old pupil Tom Morris and an undergraduate named Auberon Willesden.

The following morning Willesden is found murdered in his room in Magdalen, though both the door and the windows were locked from the inside. And not only has he been murdered: he has been beheaded – and the head is missing!

Who killed the student?

And why?

And, more baffling still – how was it done?

It’s a puzzle that will tax the brilliant ingenuity of Jack and his fellow Inklings to the limit.

Praise for The Corpse in the Cellar:

‘A satisfying, many-faceted piece of holiday reading.’ Methodist Recorder

‘Charming.’ The Tablet
About the Author
Kel Richards is a veteran Australian journalist, bestselling author and broadcaster.
Press Reviews

Richards is a master at creating a 1930s background – long may his series continue.

- Church Times

The Corpse in the Cellar (2015) It might seem a touch impertinent for a “veteran Australian journalist, bestselling author and broadcaster” to hijack the very real C S Lewis (known to his friends as Jack) as his fictional detective. Readers may feel, however, that writer Kel Richards could be forgiven as they join Jack, brother Warnie and young “scientific atheist” friend Tom Morris in 1930s Cambridgeshire where their holiday is interrupted by the discovery of the corpse in the cellar. The path to solving the seemingly “impossible” murder also offers opportunities for Jack to debate his newly-discovered theological truths with his atheist friend, resulting in a satisfying, many-faceted piece of holiday reading.

- Methodist Recorder

“Somewhere in Cambridgeshire, not far from the County of Midsomer” is the site of the action in Kel Richards’The Corpse in the Cellar. The oddness of this charming story is in the person of the chief investigator; CS “Jack” Lewis. When a walking holiday goes horribly wrong, the great man divides his time between solving a locked-room murder and explaining the tenets of the Christian faith to the young narrator.

- The Tablet

A tale that twists and turns in the tradition of the golden age of English murder mysteries like Agatha Christie. Add [the author’s] trademark humour and it's an entertaining baffler!

- goodreads

Lovers of books by Lewis and Tolkien will enjoy the theological discussions.

- Church Times

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