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Publication Date: 18 Aug 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 144
Author: David Scott
ISBN-13: 9780281077052, 9780281077069

The Love that Made Saint Teresa

Secret Visions, Dark Nights And The Path To Sainthood
By David Scott
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ISBN: 9780281077052
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ISBN: 9780281077069
Part biography, part spiritual reading, this beautifully written book brings to light little-known stories from the extraordinary life of Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Here you will meet the woman who challenged the ancient Goddess of Death to become the first saint of our global village. You will learn of the remarkable mystical visions that led her to start the Missionaries of Charity. You will read, in lines drawn from her secret letters, about her long dark night of the soul. And you will discover the infinite love that enabled her to shine through the clouds of despair and suffering that she encountered as she gave herself to God’s work.

Let Saint Teresa be your guide, as through this book she shows how you too can receive and radiate the love of Christ in the ordinary events of your life.
About the Author
David Scott is the current Vice Chancellor of Communications in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and former Editor of Our Sunday Visitor. Scott has published several books, including studies of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Dorothy Day. Hundreds of his essays and articles have appeared in journals and periodicals throughout the world, including the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, as well as National Review, Commonweal, Crisis, Inside the Vatican, National Catholic Register, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, and elsewhere.
Press Reviews

This book, more than any other, shows us the saint and her significance. It belongs in the hands of everyone who loves this most beloved of modern women.

- Scott Hahn

For the first time we are given significant insight into the inner-struggles that produced the outer-triumph of this icon of modern holiness.

- Matthew Kelly, Author of Rediscovering Catholicism

The book, which is relatively short at about 120 pages, seeks to capture the lessons of Mother Teresa’s life in chronological order, from the time she was first called to the religious life in a teaching order through her unique call to serve the poor and found the Missionaries of Charity. . . David Scott does this work surpassingly well. On the one hand, his treatment will inescapably leave you wanting to know more of the details of Mother Teresa’s life. On the other, if you can benefit from a serious spiritual examination of what her life ought to mean for the rest of us, then The Love that Made Mother Teresa will be just what you need, especially during the final weeks of Lent.

- Catholic

David Scott is one of the finest Catholic authors of our time. He can catechize from the heart like few I have ever read and the case is no different in what he offers with “The Love That Made Mother Teresa“. More than just another biography on the life of this great woman, David offers insightful spiritual reflections on different events she encountered during her extraordinary life. If we are open to those lessons, her response to those moments can aid Christ in transforming our lives today. In his hands her story truly becomes a witness to “Love”. I’ve read many, many books on the life of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, this is my favorite.

- Discerning Hearts

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