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Publication Date: 15 Aug 2019
Publisher: Marylebone House
Page Count: 224
ISBN-13: 9781910674574, 9781910674581

The Light Keeper

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ISBN: 9781910674574
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ISBN: 9781910674581
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A young woman stands on the brink of a high cliff overlooking the sea, arms wide open as if to let the wind carry her over. She has run away from home to this wild, beautiful place to make a decision that is, for her, truly a matter of life and death.

Sarah is pursued by Jack, her distraught husband, who is desperate to find her on these hills before it is too late. Will he make it in time?

Volunteers on the cliff edge patrol for people to save, but the number of men and women going over has ominously increased of late . . .

Does the secret lie with the Keeper who lives alone in the old lighthouse, a few steps from the four hundred foot drop in this gorgeous, terrifying place? The radiance has gone from his llife, but we do not know how or why.

The Light Keeper is set in and around the real Georgian lighthouse at Belle Tout on the South Downs, in a dramatic landscape known the whole world over. The white faces of the Seven Sisters rise from the waves, a series of high chalk cliffs with a primal beauty. We are close to Beachy Head, where the lost and lonely come to end their lives, but this is a story of hope, redemption and love.
About the Author
Cole Moreton is an award-winning British interviewer, writer and broadcaster exploring who we are and what we believe in. He writes, talks and tells stories about the arts, politics, cultural identity, faith, spirituality and life, but above all, people.

As a journalist, Cole has covered many of the major news stories of our time, from the Olympics and Paralympics to 9/11 and the death of Nelson Mandela. After more than a decade with The Independent on Sunday, ending up as executive editor, Cole moved to The Sunday Telegraph, where he pioneered new forms of multi-media storytelling. Now a freelance, his features and analysis have appeared in many titles including The Financial Times, The Guardian, Newsweek and The Sunday Times.

His latest book, The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away, tells the moving true story of a modern medical miracle. Cole wrote and presented a Radio 4 series of the same name that won Audio Moment of the Year at the Arias, and Best Writing at the World’s Best Radio awards.
Press Reviews

Cole Moreton writes with a poetic beauty and a very sharp eye. Mesmerising and lyrical, he creates atmosphere you can breathe and emotion that can shred your heart

- Peter James, holder of the Diamond Dagger award, winner of the WH Smith poll for the Best Crime Author of All Time

A beautifully haunting read. Evocative, spiritual and deeply immersive.

- The Revd Kate Bottley

Cole writes with human warmth and bittersweet emotion. I loved this.

- Matt Haig, number one best-selling author of The Humans, Reasons To Stay Alive and Notes On A Nervous Planet

[On HUNGRY FOR HOME] Extraordinary. When I put it down, I wasn’t sure whether I had seen the film or read the text. The quality of its writing creates an essence which is both visual, oral and literary.

- The Irish Times

[On MY FATHER WAS A HERO] A masterpiece. As good as anything you will read this year or next.

- The Express

[On IS GOD STILL AN ENGLISHMAN?] You stay with Moreton because you can’t bear to jump off. He dazzles, has verve, holds your eye; this charismatic, hypnotic celebrant.

- Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

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