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Publication Date: 21 Jun 2007
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: John Pritchard
ISBN-13: 9780281057481, 9780281062614

The Life and Work of a Priest

By John Pritchard
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ISBN: 9780281057481
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ISBN: 9780281062614
In this lively and hopeful volume, John Pritchard realistically maps out the life and work of those called to serve God in the ordained ministry. He looks in turn at the only three things he believes need be of concern: the glory of God, the pain of the world, and the renewal of the Church. From these flow the priest's many roles, such as spiritual explorer, multi-lingual interpreter, wounded companion, friendly irritant, creative leader and mature risk-taker.

The book pays homage to Robert Martineau's The Office and Work of a Priest, published in 1972, and much valued as a wise account of the duties of a priest at that time.
About the Author
THE RT REVD JOHN PRITCHARD retired as Bishop of Oxford in 2014. He was previously Bishop of Jarrow and, before that, Archdeacon of Canterbury. He has written many bestselling books for SPCK.
Press Reviews

Dipping again into John Pritchard's The Life and Work of a Priest for this review reminded me what a remarkable, wise, and humane book it is. It covers just about everything parish life might throw at clergy. Well, not quite everything. If you're troubled by sylvan revels or cohabiting bandits, I'm afraid you're on your own.

- Paul Handley

This wonderful volume . . . must become the set book for ordinands. The content is refreshingly sane and intelligent; the experience shines through from the author, both as priest, Bishop and theological teacher.

- thegoodbookstall

Another stunning book from John Pritchard.


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