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Publication Date: 18 Jul 2013
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 448
Author: Anthony Thiselton|Michael Ramsey
ISBN-13: 9780281069392, 9780281069408

The Holy Spirit

In Biblical Teaching, Through The Centuries And Today
By Anthony Thiselton, Michael Ramsey
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ISBN: 9780281069392
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The book is divided into three parts. Part One provides a thematic analysis and exegetical commentary on all the relevant biblical and cognate literature, including Josephus, Philo and the Mishnah. Part Two investigates the thinking of key Christian theologians on the Holy Spirit, from the Apostolic Fathers to eighteenth century authors such as John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards. Part Three examines more recent writings on the Spirit, from the nineteenth century onwards, including major systematic theologians such as Schleiermacher, Barth and Moltmann, as well as biblical scholars such as James D G Dunn, Gordon Fee and Gerd Theissen. Thiselton concludes the entire study by identifying seven fundamental themes, and calling for greater dialogue between mainstream scholarship and contemporary leaders of the Pentecostal and Renewal movements.
About the Author
Anthony Thiselton is Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham, and associate priest in a Nottingham parish. He has previously taught at the Universities of Sheffield, Bristol and Durham and is known internationally for his work on the theory of biblical interpretation. His previous books include The Last Things (SPCK, 2012) and The Living Paul (SPCK, 2009).

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