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Publication Date: 19 Feb 2009
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: David Adam
ISBN-13: 9780281058983, 9780281063079

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

By David Adam
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ISBN: 9780281058983
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ISBN: 9780281063079
David Adam has been captivated by the beauty, wonder and holiness of Lindisfarne since first glimpsing its fairytale castle from the train as a young boy. In this absorbing volume, he shows the island's human face, revealing how Lindisfarne and its people have responded to trial, tribulation and triumph in the course of a long and vibrant history. This tiny place witnessed one of the last stands of the 'British' Celtic peoples against the invading Anglo-Saxons in the 6th century. It has been the home of saints and scholars, most notably St Aidan and St Cuthbert, and famously produced the medieval masterpiece known as the Lindisfarne Gospels. Less familiar to readers, perhaps, will be that the island experienced the first recorded Viking invasion in 793, and was involved in the 17th century Civil War and the 18th century Jacobite Rebellion. Today its ruined 11th century Priory and 16th century Castle - later redesigned by the great English architect Edwin Lutyens - draw pilgrims and visitors from all over the world. Wherever you walk on Lindisfarne, the past impinges on the present . . . In relating afresh many of the island's legends and stories, David Adam's lovely volume affords the reader a wonderful sense of all there is to discover, just beneath the surface.
About the Author
THE REVD CANON DAVID ADAM was for thirteen years Vicar of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The author of many bestselling books, he is much in demand as a lecturer, speaker and spiritual director.
Press Reviews

This delightful little book moves effortlessly between Holy Island’s fascinating past and the author’s anecdotes of the present. I learned a lot about the lives of Aidan, Cuthbert and other notable figures from the Island’s history, and enjoyed the way in which David Adam weaves the stories of the Celtic saints into his own experiences as vicar there.
This book would whet the appetite for anyone hoping to make a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne, and enhances the experiences of people, like myself, who have already had the privilege of visiting Holy Island and whose memories of that trip are very special.

- Mary Brookfield

I’d pick up a copy of Adam’s book before setting out on my journey as it provides a fresh take on many of the island’s legends and stories while adding nutritious meat to the bones of history.

- Jo Haywood

I would recommend this book to someone who like myself has very little or no knowledge of Lindisfarne. It would also be an ideal preparation for anyone planning to visit the island, whether simply to enjoy the beauty of nature and the wildlife, or on pilgrimage and seeking something of the ‘other’.

- Karen Anne Govaerts

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