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Publication Date: 20 Oct 2011
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 176
Author: Elaine Heath
ISBN-13: 9780281066612, 9780281066629

The Gospel According to Twilight

Women, Sex And God
By Elaine Heath
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ISBN: 9780281066612
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ISBN: 9780281066629
With over one hundred million copies in print, and having generated a series of hugely popular films, the Twilight saga is one of the most successful fiction series ever written. But despite its tremendous popularity, few have questioned Twilight's theological assumptions or noticed the disturbing messages it sends out about women, violence and sexual stereotypes. Elaine Heath is both deeply admiring and deeply critical of the Twilight novels, and offers here an insightful analysis of what they say about temptation, sin, salvation, heaven and hell, sex, power, reconciliation and organized religion. Whether or not you are already a fan, this book will lead you to a deeper appreciation of both the good news and the bad news that Twilight tells about women, sex and God.
About the Author
Elaine A. Heath is Associate Professor of Evangelism at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University. An active participant in Emergent Village and the emerging church conversion, she is the co-founder of the New Day, a new monastic community in Dallas, Texas.

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