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Publication Date: 16 Feb 2007
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 96
Author: Alister McGrath
ISBN-13: 9780281059270, 9780281062607

The Dawkins Delusion?

Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine
By Alister McGrath
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ISBN: 9780281059270
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ISBN: 9780281062607
World-renowned scientist Richard Dawkins writes in The God Delusion: 'If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down'. The volume has received wide coverage, fuelled much passionate debate and caused not a little confusion.

Alister McGrath is ideally placed to evaluate Dawkins' ideas. Once an atheist himself, he gained a doctorate in molecular biophysics before going on to become a leading Christian theologian. He wonders how two people, who have reflected at length on substantially the same world, could possibly have come to such different conclusions about God. McGrath subjects Dawkins' critique of faith to rigorous scrutiny. His exhilarating, meticulously argued response deals with questions such as:

Is faith intellectual nonsense? Are science and religion locked in a battle to the death? Can the roots of Christianity be explained away scientifically? Is Christianity simply a force for evil?

This book will be warmly received by those looking for a reliable assessment of The God Delusion and the many questions it raises - including, above all, the relevance of faith and the quest for meaning.
Press Reviews

"The Dawkins Delusion? Sets out to rebut Dawkin's central claims, particularly the one suggesting that knowledge of science should lead inevitably to atheism. It is a brief and concise book, dispelling with clarity and efficiency much of what McGrath calls the 'half-baked nonsense' in The God Delusion."

- Philip Wainwright

"For those irritated by Dawkins and his attitudes to faith, this book represents the response of intelligent Christians everywhere."

- Matthew Cowie

"At only 60 pages, McGrath's work is concise, coherent and, most of all, devestating. By the end of it, Dawkins' work is left looking like the hatchet job it is, the whole thing ripped to pieces by someone with far greater knowledge of the subject."

- James Kelly

"McGrath's book is a fine, dense, yet very clear account, from his particular Christian perspective, of the full case against Dawkins."

- Bryan Appleyard

"…The Dawkins Delusion deserves to sell many more copies than The God Delusion. I am sad that Dawkins, once my hero, has descended to unscientific nonesense. McGrath makes more sense."

- Revd Jeremy Craddock

"The Dawkins Delusion, for example, is excellent at challenging Dawkin's absurd demonisation of Christian history and the concomitant white-washing of secularist history as though atheists have never killed or persecuted religious believers explicitly in the name of anti-religion."

- David Quinn

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