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Publication Date: 19 Jul 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 192
Author: Peter Graystone
ISBN-13: 9780281078431, 9780281078448

The Bare Bible

Uncovering The Bible For The First Time (Or The Hundredth)
By Peter Graystone
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ISBN: 9780281078431
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For those reading the Bible for the first time, or those looking to read it in a fresh way.

Are you looking to get to grips with the Bible or see those well known stories in a whole new light?

Will really help you discover the impact the Bible can have on our your life.

Do you get lost in the lists in Leviticus?
Have you struggled with the stories of Old Testament kings?
Are you puzzled by Jesus’ parables?

This book is for you: the Bible laid bare.
Come and discover the scriptures as never before.

Learn about Jesus’ expletives for the Pharisees, explore why the writers of the Old Testament might have had a problem with your underwear, and find out what The Ark of the Covenant really is, away from any Indiana Jones film.

With tea-breaks built in and no prior knowledge required, zip through the Bible from beginning to end with author Peter Graystone, your jolly and jargon-free guide for the journey.
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About the Author
Peter Graystone works for Church Army and is the editor of, an online encyclopaedia which gives free, confidential information about the Christian faith. Peter has written many books, speaks regularly at Greenbelt Festival, and is a columnist and theatre reviewer for the Church Times.
Press Reviews

A wonderful book, full of wisdom and wit, that will really help you discover the impact the Bible can have on our your life

- Mark Russell, CEO, Church Army

Thoroughly original and inspiring

- The Right Reverend James Jones KBE

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