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Publication Date: 22 Jul 2006
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 171
Author: Peter Lupson
ISBN-13: 9780281063697, 9780281064892, 9781902694306

Thank God for Football!

By Peter Lupson
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ISBN: 9781902694306
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Features chapters on: Aston Villa, Barnsley, Birmingham City, Bolton Wanderers, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Queen's Park Rangers, Southampton, Swindon and Town Tottenham Hotspur.

How much do you really know about the origin of your club? Would you like to read about it in fascinating detail?

Few people are aware that, of the 41 clubs that have played in the FA Premier League since its inception in the 1992-3 season, 12 can trace their origin directly to a church. However, many of these 12 famous football clubs know little about their origins or founders.

John Motson, the ‘voice of football’, writes in the Foreword:

‘This book sets the record straight. Drawing on original materials from a variety of sources, peter Lupson has been able to bring these pioneers to life and to transport us back to the time in which they lived. Their remarkable contribution to our great national game is at last given the recognition it deserves. We have good reason to thank God for them.’
About the Author
Peter Lupson's academic credentials have been put to excellent use in the intensive research undertaken to compile this unique volume. He is the author of a number of successful school and university French and German text books, as well as Across the Park: Everton FC and Liverpool Common Ground (Trinity Mirror Sport Media, 2009). He is honorary life president of a semi-professional club in North Wales and the founder of a thriving church youth league on Merseyside. He currently combines part-time English teaching with writing.
Press Reviews

"Imagine a soccer game like this: No referees, no free kicks, no penalty kicks. No wonder players gathered for a quick prayer before kickoff. I would never have known that without reading a fascinating book called Thank God for Football and hearing from the author Peter Lupson all about his 11-year odyssey through the history of many of England's original professional clubs."

- Richard Starnes

"Peter's book makes a fascinating reading, as much as a social commentary of the times as a history of football. I was glad to be in Soho Square on stinking hot night to celebrate its publication and commend "Thank God for Football" to you as a good read."

- Ian L. Johnson

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