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Publication Date: 16 Jan 2014
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: John Pritchard
ISBN-13: 9780281067640, 9780281067657


Why Christianity Makes Sense
By John Pritchard
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ISBN: 9780281067640
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ISBN: 9780281067657
Lists can be an entertaining distraction but Ten demonstrates they can be stimulating too. With characteristic wit and candour, John Pritchard attempts to get clear in his own mind what he believes after 40 years of trying to make faith understandable to others. Topics include: - Ten problems people have with faith - Ten things I believe about God - Ten things I don't believe about God - Ten words of wisdom - Ten cliches to avoid - Ten ways to pray - Ten lessons learned This is a great book whether you're sceptical about Christianity, feel there may be something to it, or simply want reassurance - in the midst of life's frequently bewildering moments - that it really does make sense.
About the Author
John Pritchard is Bishop of Oxford and Chairman of the Church of England Board of Education. He was formerly Bishop of Jarrow and, before that, Archdeacon of Canterbury. His many books for SPCK include How to Pray, The Intercessions Handbook, The Life and Work of a Priest, God Lost and Found and Living Faithfully.
Press Reviews

Ten reasons why Christianity makes sense? I’ve just thought of an eleventh: John Pritchard’s compelling and accessible writing. This book makes faith seem possible and God more available.

Ten words to celebrate this book and its author: punchy, pithy, profound, piercing, probing, playful, parabolic, pathfinding, poetic, and powerful. A perfect discussion-starter and provocation to new or renewed faith.

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