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Publication Date: 19 Nov 2015
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Author: Anthony Thiselton
ISBN-13: 9780281073306, 9780281073313

Systematic Theology

By Anthony Thiselton
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ISBN: 9780281073306
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ISBN: 9780281073313
At last, here is a concise one-volume systematic theology that readers will find both accessible and affordable. Equally useful to students, ministers and interested lay people, the work is divided into fourteen chapters, to match weekly sessions in an average-length semester. Each chapter, in turn, contains five roughly equal subsections.
One of the book’s great strengths is to provide a broad interdisciplinary perspective, and within that framework to cover all the key elements expected of any systematic theology: a theological understanding of God and creation; issues concerning theism and atheism; the nature of humankind and of misdirected desire and alienation; the work and Person of Christ; the Person and work of the Holy Spirit; the Church, ministry and sacraments; and two chapters on the last things. Each chapter is built on careful foundations in biblical exegesis, while also interacting with major thinkers through the centuries and today.
Too often systematic theologies yield disappointingly few practical lessons for Christian discipleship and devotion. Thiselton, by contrast, has produced a work that is fully mindful of these practical concerns, injecting into his theological discussions many helpful observations about their relevance to the Christian life.
About the Author
Anthony C. Thiselton is Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham, and is known internationally for his work on biblical hermeneutics. His recent publications include The Holy Spirit (SPCK 2013), The Last Things (SPCK 2012), The Living Paul (SPCK 2009) and The Hermeneutics of Doctrine (Eerdmans 2007).
Press Reviews

Thiselton’s theological genius lies in his extraordinary capacity to help us see familiar issues afresh and deepen our sense of truth.

- Church Times

Drawing on his many years of teaching systematic theology, Anthony Thiselton has provided us with a wonderfully concise systematic theology that covers all the classic theological topics. From as broad an interdisciplinary perspective as possible, it engages biblical exegesis and major thinkers through the centuries, mindful throughout of practical implications for Christian discipleship and devotion. I highly recommend this book not only for systematic theology courses but also for anyone interested in understanding more fully what lies at the heart of Christian theology.

- Lois Malcolm, Professor of Systematic Theology, Luther Seminary

Learned and judicious, this one-volume Systematic Theology combines the breadth and depth of Professor Thiselton's earlier work in biblical studies, hermeneutics, and Christian doctrine with his years of classroom teaching to provide a volume that is accessible and eminently readable. His even-handed and charitable approach will commend the work to a wide audience. I highly recommend it.

- Oliver Crisp, Professor of Systematic Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

... this is a work that repays careful attention. It really can deepen understanding of the Christian faith and it will awaken interest in students for the writings of other theologians such as Panneberg, Moltmann or Jungel.

- Paul Richardson

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