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Publication Date: 18 Feb 2000
Format: Paperback
Series: New Library of Pastoral Care
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Michael Jacobs
ISBN-13: 9780281052608

Swift to Hear

Facilitating Skills in Listening and Responding
By Michael Jacobs
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Basic listening skills are at the heart of communication, or any pastoral encounter. In this new and thoroughly updated edition of 'Swift to Hear', Michael Jacobs addresses these listening and responding skills, describing the process of communication, which is at the heart of the helping interview. The primary message of this book is the ability to listen, and to hear what a person is really saying, is of paramount importance in any counselling situation, and that if practitioners can enhance these skills they will be far more effective. Numerous exercises make this an excellent book for training in all fields of pastoral work, both with individuals and with groups.
About the Author
Michael Jacobs was for many years Director of the counselling and psychotherapy courses in the Department of Adult Education, University of Leicester. In developing those courses he published a number of key texts which are used in other training courses - notably The Presenting Past (Open University Press, 2006, 3rd edition) and Psychodynamic Counselling in Action (Sage, 2010 4th edition). He has also written a number of other books (Sigmund Freud and D.W Winnicott in the Sage series) and edited three series for Open University Press - such as Core Concepts in Therapy. More recently he has written two books in the UKCP/Karnac series, Shakespeare on the Couch, and Our Desire of Unrest.

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