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Publication Date: 2 Jul 2008
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 272
Author: Vinoth Ramachandra
ISBN-13: 9780281060238

Subverting Global Myths

Theology And The Public Issues That Shape Our World
By Vinoth Ramachandra
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All societies are organized around, and sustained by, a set of dominant myths - public, large-scale narratives that engage our imaginations and shape the way we experience the world. Myths are an intrinsic part of human existence. They give meaning to our lives, even at the expense of truth. The essays in this book take up six areas of contemporary, global discourse where powerful myths energize and mobilize a great deal of public funding as well as academic production, namely combating terrorism, understanding religious violence, promoting human rights and multiculturalism, the hegemonic role of science, and the postcolonial critique of globalisation. They are addressed to all who are concerned about the public issues that shape our increasingly inter-connected and inter-dependent world. The author, who lives in Sri Lanka but has worked and traveled widely in Asia, Western Europe and North America, brings a critical Christian mind to bear on these issues.
About the Author
DR VINOTH RAMACHANDRA lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka and is the Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement (Asia) for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He holds bachelor and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of London. He is the author of, among other books and essays, The Recovery of Mission: Beyond the Pluralist Paradigm (Wipf & Stock, 2002) and Faiths in Conflict?: Christian Integrity in a Multicultural World (IVP (UK & US) 1999).

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