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Publication Date: 19 Jan 2012
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Gunilla Norris
ISBN-13: 9780281067138, 9780281067145

Simple Ways

Towards The Sacred
By Gunilla Norris
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ISBN: 9780281067138
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ISBN: 9780281067145
In Simple Ways acclaimed spiritual writer and teacher Gunilla Norris has distilled a lifetime of seeking and reflecting into a beautifully worded, lucid, and practical primer for prayer, meditation, and mindful living. Divided into four illuminating sections, she offers us a wide range of accessible ways towards the Holy in our daily lives: Towards the Sacred with Our Bodies; Towards the Sacred in Our Dwellings; Towards the Sacred with Our Everyday Things; and Towards the Sacred in Our Gratitude. No matter what our spiritual background, these ways are completely available to any of us, as long as we make conscious choices in our daily routines to embrace them. A profound and poetic celebration of our search for the Sacred, Simple Ways invites us to discover that the meaning of our lives can be found and experienced exactly where we are.
About the Author
Gunilla Norris is a writer, meditation teacher, and psychotherapist in private practice. Her books include A Mystic Garden, Inviting Silence, Becoming Bread, and Being Home. She lives in Mystic, Connecticut.

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