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Publication Date: 21 Jun 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Tim Stead
ISBN-13: 9780281078042, 9780281078059, 9780281082230

See, Love, Be

Mindfulness and the Spiritual Life: A Practical Eight-Week Guide with Audio MP3 CD Meditations
By Tim Stead
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Many have been hugely helped by mindfulness practice. But how do we move beyond our initial goal of functioning well to live a life marked by deep awareness, genuine compassion and ease of being?

Tim Stead is an accredited mindfulness teacher who seeks to explore this very question. Offering new versions of familiar practices, he meditates on three key themes – see, love, be – that connect strongly with the concerns of many great spiritual traditions.

This warm-hearted book will resonate as much with those who do not have a faith commitment as with those who do.

‘Thoughtful and intensely practical, See, Love, Be offers a fascinating insight into the human condition. I particularly enjoyed the use of the well-judged poems at the end of each chapter.’
Michael Mosley, science journalist, TV presenter and producer
About the Author
Tim Stead is an accredited mindfulness teacher and associate of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. A former vicar, he now operates as a freelance mindfulness teacher, running courses, quiet days and retreats. Tim has proved a popular speaker at the Greenbelt Festival, and his first book, Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality (March 2016), was highly acclaimed.
Press Reviews

[On Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality] You can read this book in a day; but take it to heart, and it will last a lifetime.

- Professor Mark Williams

The book on mindfulness that many of us have been waiting for! Tim Stead writes with disarming honesty for anyone seeking a fruitful and truthful way to live

- John Pritchard, former Bishop of Oxford

Reading Tim Stead’s new book is a bit like listening to bird song before dawn. As you listen to the overall song different voices start to emerge and a sense of peace begins to alight on you . . . Some of [this writing] is among the best I have read anywhere.

- Shaun Lambert, author of A Book of Sparks – A Study in Christian MindFullness

Measured and gracious in its argument.

- The Most Revd Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin

Highly recommended.

- Church of England Newspaper

This is a stimulating book in its attempt to integrate mindfulness practice – which is originally derived from eastern, Buddhist spirituality – with our western, Christian heritage. Stead shows how our Christian thinking and spiritual practice can be enriched by mindful wisdom, leading to a deeper openness and fuller experience of God’s grace. This book is for people who like to think outside of the book and for those who are looking to enhance their spiritual practice.

- Reform

A fascinating and insightful examination of the links between the Christian contemplative tradition and the stress-reducing mindfulness programme developed by Professor Mark Williams and others. I learned so much from reading this book and strongly recommend it.

- Michael Mosley, award-winning BBC author, science journalist and presenter

The popularity of mindfulness in our time is a reminder that the ancient contemplative practices of attentiveness and stillness are needed more than ever. Tim Stead suggests that the practice of mindfulness brings gifts to Christian faith and living. It is more than just another therapy – it makes space for God.

- David Runcorn, author of Spirituality Workbook

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