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Publication Date: 19 Nov 2004
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 176
Author: John Pritchard
ISBN-13: 9780281056491

The Second Intercessions Handbook

By John Pritchard
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More creative ideas for public and private prayer This is a follow-up to John Pritchard's Intercessions Handbook, which has sold over 12,000 copies since it was published six years ago. It contains all new material, so will sell in addition to the original - it is not intended as a replacement. It will cover intercessions for: mainstream public worship festivals and special occassions informal worship and small groups children and young people and personal prayer.
About the Author
The Rt Revd John Pritchard is Bishop of Jarrow. He was Archdeacon of Canterbury and, before that, Warden of Cranmer Hall, Durham. He has written several books for SPCK, including the bestselling Intercessions Handbook (1997, over 15000 copies sold to date) and its follow up The Second Intercessions Handbook (Nov 2004, over 2700 copies sold); Beginning Again (2000, 3275 sold); Living the Gospel Stories Today (2001, 2426 sold). His latest title, Living Easter through the Year (Sept 2005) has already sold over 700 copies.

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