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Publication Date: 21 Nov 2013
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 224
Author: Tom Wright
ISBN-13: 9780281071432, 9780281072088

Scripture and the Authority of God

By Tom Wright
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ISBN: 9780281071432
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ISBN: 9780281072088
In Scripture and the Authority of God, Tom Wright argues that God is the ultimate source of all authority, and that God's authority is not primarily about providing the right answers to disputed questions, but about God's sovereign, saving purposes being declared and accomplished through Jesus and the Spirit. This revised and expanded edition includes two helpful case studies, looking at what it means to keep Sabbath and at how Christians can defend martial monogamy. These studies not only offer bold biblical insights but also demonstrate the indispensable role of scripture as the primary resource for teaching and guidance in the Christian life.
About the Author
Tom Wright is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He is the author of over fifty books, including the For Everyone guides to the New Testament, the highly acclaimed series, Christian Origins and the Question of God, and the best-selling Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, Virtue Reborn, Simply Jesus and How God Became King (all published by SPCK).

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