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Publication Date: 16 Jan 2014
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 268
Author: Paul F. Bradshaw
ISBN-13: 9780281071579

Rites of Ordination

Their History And Theology
By Paul F. Bradshaw
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Paul Bradshaw, one of the world's foremost scholars on the history of Christian liturgy, has shared this expertise in several works that have become standard texts for students of liturgy. In Rites of Ordination, Bradshaw turns his attention to the ways that Christians through the ages have understood what it means to ordain someone as a minister and how that has been expressed in liturgical practice. Bradshaw considers the typological background to ordained ministry some have drawn from the Old Testament and what ministry meant to the earliest Christian communities. He explores the ordination rites and theology of the early church, the Christian East, the medieval West, the churches of the Reformation, and the post-Tridentine Roman Catholic Church.
About the Author
Paul F. Bradshaw is Emeritus Professor of Liturgy at the University of Notre Dame, and a priest-vicar of Westminster Abbey. He has written or edited more than twenty books on the subject of Christian worship. These include The Search for the Origins of Christian Liturgy (SPCK, 2002), which has become a standard textbook, Eucharistic Origins (SPCK, 2004) and Reconstructing Early Christian Worship (SPCK, 2009).

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