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Publication Date: 17 Jun 2005
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 600
Author: Stephen S. Smalley
ISBN-13: 9780281050314

The Revelation to John

By Stephen S. Smalley
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"The Revelation to John" is a major new commentary, a clearly written, careful verse-by-verse exegesis of the Greek text. Dr Smalley's approach is critical and historical; but it also takes full account of the current literary treatment of John's material, which he analyzes convincingly as a well-structured drama. Each section of Dean Smalley's study includes his own translation of the Greek, an attempt to establish its accuracy by means of detailed textual notes, comments on the verses and a summary of their theological significance. Stephen Smalley engages astutely with other commentators on Revelation. He handles this exciting, but sometimes perplexing, work with sensitivity, and interprets its dense and colorful symbolism with a distinctive balance for which he is well-known. He argues that because the seer's images are primarily eschatological and general, rather than historical and literal, Revelation can speak directly and challengingly to any situation in every age, including our own apocalyptic period, offering a universally hopeful message of God's love made available through his justice. This new commentary, with its fresh and stimulating insights, will illuminate helpfully an often misunderstood biblical text, and provide a wide readership with an indispensable guide to the abiding significance and contemporary relevance of John's Revelation, and the lessons to be learned from its associated community.
About the Author
Dr Smalley is an internationally known Johannine scholar, who has worked and written extensively on the literature in the New Testament which bears the name of John. He has worked as a Cambridge Dean and Chaplain at Coventry Cathedral and recently retired as Dean of Chester.

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