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Publication Date: 19 Jul 2012
Series: New Library of Pastoral Care
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Justine Allain-Chapman
ISBN-13: 9780281063833, 9780281069019

Resilient Pastors

The Role Of Adversity In Healing And Growth
By Justine Allain-Chapman
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ISBN: 9780281063833
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ISBN: 9780281069019
Pastors, including clergy, need to be able to provide the right kind of circumstances, teaching and care to enable people to face crisis and come through difficulties stronger as human beings and as Christians. They also need the quality of resilience to be involved in Christian ministry. This book draws on the experience and literature of the desert as well as on resilience studies and on contemporary theology, particularly that of Rowan Williams, and applies theological understanding to the pastoral task.
About the Author
Justine Allain-Chapman has worked in parish ministry in the Diocese of Southwark, as both curate and Vicar, and is now Vice-Principal of the South East Institute of Theological Education (a course which trains a large number of students for ministry).

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