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Publication Date: 20 Feb 2014
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: Katharine Smith
ISBN-13: 9780281070756, 9780281070763

Recovering from Depression

A Companion Guide For Christians
By Katharine Smith
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Depression is a devastating illness, both for those affected and for their loved ones, and the road to recovery can appear very long and winding indeed. However, for those who are slowly feeling their way towards a life of greater equanimity, this encouraging book will prove a reassuring guide and Katharine Smith an empathetic companion. A complete cure from depression might not always be possible. Yet Katharine's experiences over the past few years have led her to believe that there is much to be gained from trying to identify the issues that gave rise to negative patterns of thinking and behaving in the first place. We might find, as we attempt to integrate these into our lives in a healthy way, that our faith and hope take on a new maturity.
About the Author
Katharine Smith worked as administrator for a national children’s charity for ten years. She was licensed as a Reader in 1999 in Wells Cathedral, and in 2010 decided to concentrate on writing and her Readership work in her parish church. She has written two books for Redemptorist Publications, The Way of the Cross (2006) and Angels in the Wilderness (2010), and has had articles published in the Church Times and The Reader.
Press Reviews

The life of God is eternal; everything else passes, including depression. And this is the truth that Katharine’s book echoes . . . every page is a breath of life and a promise of resurrection.

- Jane Williams, from the Foreword

· I believe passionately – from my own experience and from what I’ve seen happen in other people’s lives – that even in the most wretched of places and out of the darkest imaginable pain, God can and does bring healing, beauty and joy, strength and peace. He redeems our suffering by giving it meaning and turning it into a source of goodness.

- From Chapter 17, Joy and gladness

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