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Publication Date: 18 Aug 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 224
Author: Eric Priest
ISBN-13: 9780281075249, 9780281075256

Reason and Wonder

Why Science And Faith Need Each Other
By Eric Priest
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ISBN: 9780281075249
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Written for general readers of all religious backgrounds, Reason and Wonder introduces some of the most fruitful discussions now taking place between leading thinkers in science and theology.

As Professor Priest writes in his Preface: ‘In this integrated approach, the notion of science as a monolithic concept is shattered. Instead, the sciences and humanities represent a rainbow tapestry, linked by a common search for understanding, using reason and imagination.’

This fascinating book includes accounts of key points of convergence in areas such as astrophysics, biology, mathematics, neuroscience and psychology, and ends with a stimulating set of questions for group discussion or personal reflection.


Eric Priest - Towards the Integration of Science and Religion
Keith Ward - God, Science and the New Atheism
Eleonore Stump - Natural Law, Reductionism and the Creator
David Wilkinson - The Origin and End of the Universe – a Challenge for Christianity?
Jennifer Wiseman - Universe of Wonder, Universe of Life
Kenneth Miller - Evolution, Faith and Science
Michael Murray and Jeff Schloss - Evil in Evolution
Pauline Rudd - Is there More to Life than Genes?
David Myers - Psychological Science Meets Christian Faith
John Wyatt - Being a Person? - Towards an Integration of Neuroscientific and Christian Perspectives
John Swinton - From Projection to Connection: Conversations between Science, Spirituality and Health
Mark Harris - Do the Miracles of Jesus Contradict Science?
Tom Wright - Can a Scientist Trust the New Testament?

Questions for discussion or reflection
About the Author
Eric Priest, FRS, is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of St Andrews. He is an international authority on solar magnetohydrodynamics (or MHD for short): the study of the interaction between the sun's magnetic field and its plasma interior or atmosphere. He is on the Advisory Board of the Faraday Institute and the Board of Trustees of the John Templeton Foundation.
Press Reviews

This treasure-chest of a volume surely belongs on the shelves of those who are tired of the worn-out myth that science and religion are inherently conflicted . . . Eric Priest has assembled a rich round-table of authors from physical, life and medical sciences, philosophy and theology . . . I rather hope that this collection might be read as well by those who do still buy into the “conflict narrative”. They might just change their minds.

- Tom McLeish FRS, Professor of Physics, Durham University

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