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Publication Date: 20 Jul 2017
Publisher: Marylebone House
Page Count: 384
Author: Catherine Fox
ISBN-13: 9781910674215, 9781910674222

Realms of Glory

(Lindchester Chronicles 3)
By Catherine Fox
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ISBN: 9781910674215
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ISBN: 9781910674222
How will it all end? Come, dear reader, and join with the good and the bad of the Diocese of Lindchester as they navigate their way through the storms of 2016. What does the year hold in this best of times, this worst of times; this season of bake-offs and food banks, of muscular theological hope and hand-wringing theological despair? We will peep through many a stained-glass window in pursuit of answers.

Will the new bishop – dubbed Steve-angelical by his detractors – impose the evils of management on the timeless beauty of Anglicanism? Will kind Dean Marion collude with him? Will Archdeacon Matt be the next bishop of Barcup – and what will Jane think of that? And will Freddie – more lovely than a summer’s day, though far less temperate – finally find love and happiness?

Times are dark in this, the final volume of the Lindchester Chronicles, but we may yet glimpse a touch of radiance around the grubby edges of our characters. So let us soar as best we can on Anglican wings, towards those unseen Realms of Glory.

‘Catherine Fox's glorious Lindchester series is the twenty-first-century answer to Trollope’s Barchester – but Trollope was never so funny, so fundamentally kind, or so mischievously attentive to grace.’
Francis Spufford, author of Golden Hill
About the Author
Catherine Fox is an established and popular author. Her debut novel, Angels and Men (reissued in 2014) was a Sunday Times Pick of the Year. Her other books include The Benefits of Passion and Love for the Lost (reissued in 2015), Acts and Omissions which was chosen as a Guardian Book of 2014, and its sequel, Unseen Things Above (2015). Catherine lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University and is married to the Bishop of Sheffield.
Press Reviews

Catherine Fox's glorious Lindchester series is the twenty-first-century answer to Trollope's Barchester - but Trollope was never so funny, so fundamentally kind, or so mischievously attentive to grace.

- Francis Spufford, author of Golden Hill

What makes Realms of Glory such a delight is the humour, humanity and the strong characters . . . that come off the page and hang around in your head . . . This is not safe Christian fiction, because we don't live in a safe Christian world.

- Christianity magazine

How likely is this book to be relevant to an area of your ministry? It won't help you in your sermon preparation, but it will be some excellent light relief as well as raise a wry smile about the preoccupations of the dear old CofE, something we can all do with.

- The Reader

[On ACTS AND OMISSIONS & UNSEEN THINGS ABOVE] These books are utterly unputdownable, gossipy, subtle and wise. What’s astonishing is that despite Catherine Fox’s sharp awareness of the feet of clay under surplices, she somehow makes you believe several cheering things that most modern fiction doesn’t: that the natural world is endlessly beautiful, that most people aspire to goodness even if they fall flat on their faces, and that the attempt to live a good life is worthwhile. Kudos to SPCK for being inspired by Fox’s work to set up a brand new fiction imprint.

- Maggie Gee, novelist & Professor of Creative Writing, Bath Spa University

[On UNSEEN THINGS ABOVE]: What a treat it is to have some Fresh Expressions from the diocese of Lindchester. Catherine Fox’s second helping of bad language, sex and Evensong is Anglicanism at its best; her wit, compassion and rueful optimism are irresistible.

- Diarmaid MacCulloch, Professor of the History of the Church, University of Oxford

If you want to understand the Church of England in the twenty-first century – not just its official persona but its more elusive inner character – Catherine Fox is a reliable guide. Her colourful morality tales spare no one’s blushes, but she writes with accuracy and affection about an institution to which, despite its flaws, she is profoundly committed as a witness to faith, hope and love. Hugely enjoyable.

- Michael Sadgrove, Former Dean of Durham

[On ACTS AND OMISSIONS]: A delightful portrait of the follies and foibles in a contemporary Anglican diocese, written with wit, wisdom and impeccable liberal sympathies.

- Michael Arditti, author and critic

Catherine Fox writes not merely with affection but with love for an institution that is creaking under the weight of its own contradictions . . . The Diocese of Lindchester is full of people who bless one another, sometimes without realizing it. They blessed me.’

- The Very Revd Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost, St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow

A delicious novel: clever, witty and subtle.

- The Baroness Sherlock

Acts and Omissions is brave and beautiful, devastatingly honest, mercilessly funny, fundamentally kind.

- Dr Margaret Masson, Vice-Principal, St Chad’s College, Durham

Brims with wit and heart, acknowledging the awkwardness and consolations of Anglicanism in the twenty-first century. Hugely entertaining and highly recommended.

- Richard Beard, author of Lazarus is Dead

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