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Publication Date: 17 Nov 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 224
Author: R. T. Kendall
ISBN-13: 9780281077724, 9780281077731

Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry

A Call To Be Ready For Christ's Return
By R. T. Kendall
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ISBN: 9780281077724
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ISBN: 9780281077731
This thrilling volume will help readers prepare their hearts in expectation, be watchful for the approaching work of God, and build a deeper relationship with Him.

Through Spirit-inspired teaching, respected scholar and theologian R. T. Kendall uses Jesus’s parable of the ten virgins to describe the condition of the church in the last days.

Many Charismatics and Pentecostals assume that what we have seen in the one hundred years since Azusa Street is the final movement of God before the Second Coming. Kendall explains that this is not so and reveals that a movement of the Holy Spirit, which is one hundred times greater than anything yet experienced — indeed the greatest since Pentecost — is about to unfold.

It’s time to wake up!

‘A timely warning . . . written with passion and conviction’
Ken Costa, Churchwarden, Holy Trinity Brompton, London

‘R. T. Kendall rightly calls us to hope and work for the day when the Word and Spirit will come together—and what a revival that will be!’
Dr. Craig Keener, Professor, New Testament History, Asbury Theological Seminary, USA
About the Author
R. T. Kendall was the pastor of Westminister Chapel in London for twenty-five years. Born in Ashland, Kentucky, he was educated at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Oxford University. He is well known internationally as a speaker, teacher and the author of more than sixty books.
Press Reviews

R. T. hopes to evoke in his readers a renewed expectancy of the Return of Christ and an eagerness to be a part of the end time move of the Spirit. This present book is an important call to the church of today to prepare for the events that lie ahead.

- The Revd Colin Dye, Pastor of Kensington Temple

My friend RT Kendall is a powerful voice in this generation. He teaches with authority and clarity, and his writings never fail to inspire and inform. ‘The Midnight Cry’ is no exception. RT’s conviction in this book that the next great move of God on earth will be far greater than anything we have seen up until now is a very compelling one.

- Matt Redman, Songwriter

R. T. Kendall’s Midnight Cry is compelling, challenging and courageous which provokes much contemplation and confidence in Christ’s Return.

- J. John

RT’s latest book, Prepare Your Heart for the Midnight Cry, invites the church, which was born to blossom and bless, to not settle for a former glory but to wake up from her slumber and ooze the life-giving nectar of the kingdom. This book is a rally cry: with refreshing honesty, thoroughly biblical content, and compellingly articulateness RT invites us to take heed and hold of the greatest need of the church today. This booknot only declares RT’s stellar commitment to sound doctrine and his openness to the Spirit, but it also demonstrates his deep integrity and a man whose heart is to see the God of the Bible made famous. A poignant and much-needed prophetic voice for this generation and the generations to come.

- Rob Wall, Curate, Holy Trinity Brompton, London

It is indeed inspiring that such a well-known and respected leader as Dr RT Kendall, would not only write about the soon return of King Jesus, but also clearly teach that the mightiest move of the Holy Spirit ever, is imminent and pending. Read this book, and buy oil!

- John Arnott, CatchTheFire Toronto

RT' treatment of Jesus's parable of the ten virgins sounds like a trumpet blast to sleepy believers and could open their eyes to their responsibilities . . . to become all God wants us to be and to do at this junction of history before it's too late.

- The Revd Greg Haslem, Minister, Westminster Chapel, London

Glad to have been reminded of my need to be watchful and awake.

- Anvil (33.1)

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