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Publication Date: 21 Oct 2010
Series: For Everyone Series: Old Testament
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780281061273, 9780664233778

Numbers & Deuteronomy for Everyone

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ISBN: 9780281061273
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Who are the people of God? Cowardly, contemptuous, distrustful, whining ingrates? Are those the words that spring to mind when you think of a people set apart and named holy by God? Hardly. And yet that is what the book of Numbers shows the people of God to be. Even so, God continues to be faithful to the unfaithful. He chastens them, protects them and continues to invest in them, allowing them to mature, over a period of forty years, into a hardy, trusting, courageous community of warriors ready to take the land he's promised them.

The sermons of Deuteronomy are preached on the eve of a confident and holy Israel's entry into the Promised Land. Moses reminds God's people of what they have been through, what's expected of them, what they can expect of God and what will happen in the future, depending on the choices they make. Most of all, he exhorts Israel to love and serve the Lord their God with all their heart, soul and strength, so that they will not only survive but thrive in their land.

Using personal anecdote, a witty and lively style, and drawing on his considerable theological knowledge, John Goldingay takes us deep into the unfolding story of the Old Testament. And, as he guides us in our understanding of these time-honoured words and the ancient world they describe, he helps us to apply what we read to our lives.
About the Author
John Goldingay is the David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament in the School of Theology at the Fuller Theological Seminary in the USA. Prior to joining Fuller, he was principal and a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at St. John's Theological College, Nottingham. His published titles include Old Testament Theology (two volumes published, with more to come) and commentaries on Daniel, Isaiah, and Psalms. As well as being a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, he serves on the editorial board for the Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies.

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