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Publication Date: 21 Apr 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Mara Measor
ISBN-13: 9780281076277, 9780281076284

Naked Prayers

Honest Confessions To A Loving God
By Mara Measor
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ISBN: 9780281076277
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Imagine the book of Psalms
filled with doodles
and accompanied by songs
of intimate meditation.

Naked Prayers is a contemporary take on an ancient tradition. Through her autobiographical collection of prayers - expressed in words, doodles and songs - Mara shows that there is no wrong way to pray. Her honest interaction with God speaks to this generation's pursuit of authentic faith.

Come with Mara through her four stages of self discovery:

Following God through making a home in New York City
Fretting about the purpose and direction of her life
Falling into a period of depression
Finding her way back to freedom
About the Author
Mara Measor is a British-Chinese graduate of the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, a singer, songwriter and actor involved in the city’s prominent music and theatre scene.
Press Reviews

Mara Measor's Naked Prayers reads like a modern Psalter. Faith. Triumph. Doubt. Confession. More doubt. Celebration. Like King David of Israel, Mara sheds the thin veneer of a plastic faith and vulnerably reveals the honest rhythm walking with the Creator. If you want cliched and Christianeze answers to life, then this book isn't for you. But if you want an authentic and honest reflection on the valleys and mountaintops of the Christian journey, then you won't be able to put this book down.

- Preston Sprinkle, Vice President, Eternity Bible College, Boise, Author of People to Be Loved

Mara has written a delightful book on the honest nature of prayer, longing and connection with God. A fresh, honest, hopeful and whimsical vision of what it looks like to walk with God in these cynical times.

- Jon Tyson, Founding Pastor, Trinity Grace Church, New York, Author of Rumors of God

Life is messy and complicated, and so is keeping your faith intact when things turn south. Mara's honest journey to encounter God, punctuated by her original music, is a must read for anyone who has wondered if God really cares.

- Rebekah Lyons, Author of Freefall to Fly

Similarities have been drawn with the book of Psalms and indeed some of the words she pours out bear the same expressiveness of David, the pain and hurt, as well as the celebration and joy. Her honesty amidst pain and turmoil is sure to help many people as they struggle with their own battles and journey of faith.

- Jules Middleton

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