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Publication Date: 21 Mar 2019
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Words: 40000
Page Count: 160
Author: Debra Green
ISBN-13: 9780281081370, 9780281081387

Mountain-Moving Prayer

The Unlimited Potential
By Debra Green
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ISBN: 9780281081387
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‘If what stands in your way is too high to climb, too hard to dig under or too big to go round – it’s time for mountain-moving prayer!’ – Anthony Delaney, Ivy Church, Manchester

The toughest challenges can be tackled, defeated and shifted aside by faith-fuelled prayer. Relational struggles, financial strangleholds, emotional strife; whatever your mountain, through prayer God’s power can move it.

The huge challenges casting shadows across our communities can also be addressed through prayer. ‘God will move our personal mountains, but we mustn’t stop there. His goal is to transform the lives of those around us as well,’ observes Debra. ‘God’s call to me from the very beginning was to focus prayer on the big, specific issues causing social fragmentation: lack of aspiration amongst young people, elderly isolation, family failures, distrust and separation between ethnic groups. These mountains need moving in most neighbourhoods.’

‘I work with police colleagues of many faiths and many of no faith – all are in awe when they witness what can be unlocked in this way.’ – Olivia Pinkney QPM MA, Chief Constable, Hampshire Constabulary

Author and popular speaker Debra Green OBE runs ROC (Redeeming Our Communities).
About the Author
Debra Green OBE is the founder and National Director of the charity Redeeming Our Communities (ROC), founded in 2004. She is frequently asked to speak at events and conferences. She also speaks at conferences organised by statutory authorities and public services.

Debra has twenty-five years of experience in bringing organisations together towards the goal of social transformation, starting with her home city of Manchester. Since 2004, this work has expanded and she has acted as a consultant to many other towns and cities with significant results. Such work has attracted interest from public services and local authorities who are impressed by the proven track record and results achieved.
She speaks regularly across the UK.

Debra has just joined the leadership team of Spring Harvest.

Dave Roberts is a former editor of Christianity. He also had a senior publishing role at Kingsway Communications. His personal book sales are in excess of 250,000. These include joint authorship of contemporary bestsellers on prayer Red Moon Rising, The Grace Outpouring, and The Way of Blessing.He is an acute observer of the contemporary church. He and his wife Sharon run a fellowship in Eastbourne.
Press Reviews

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to grow in prayer and to learn how to pray so that prayers are answered.

- Dr Lucy Peppiatt, Principal, Westminster Theological Centre, UK

Written out of down-to-earth experience rather than ideas and theories. It acknowledges the link between passionate prayer and effective Kingdom advancement.

- Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor of Alive Church and Leader of the Ground Level Network

Few people I know have been as significant as Debra in terms of mobilising and modelling prayer. I’m confident that this timely book will help many to realise afresh the vital need for the kind of movement of prayer that’s been at the heart of every great move of God in our nation’s history.

- Andy Hawthorne, CEO The Message Trust

Full of inspiring stories and a clear challenge to believe once more in the power of prayer. A must read as we seek to see the UK transformed for Jesus.

- Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance

Here is great encouragement from someone who has prayed and seen mountains move.

- Paul Harcourt, National Leader, New Wine England

As with everything Debra writes, says or does, Mountain-Moving Prayer is down to earth, practical, and with a strong biblical base for faithful, believing prayer.

- Ian Cole, World Prayer Centre

This book is fantastic. If you’re serious about changing your world, or maybe just your street or workplace to begin with, this book will equip you. Get it for yourself, and buy more for your friends.

- Bev Murrill, speaker, author, and founder of Christian Growth International

A must read, relevant to every Christian no matter the level of their spiritual development.

- Abimbola Komolafe, Senior Pastor, Jubilee Church Manchester, RCCG

Debra's ability to hear God and push through in prayer despite the hurdles is inspiring. Who knows what else the Lord has in store?

- Canon Billy Kennedy, President, Churches Together in England

Underneath all the great things Debra has accomplished have been the hidden and humbling roots of prayer.

- Yinka Oyekan, The Gate Church, Reading

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