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Publication Date: 21 Jun 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 144
Author: Jessie Faerber
ISBN-13: 9780281077861, 9780281077878

More Than Just Pretty

Discover Your True Value, Beauty and Purpose
By Jessie Faerber
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ISBN: 9780281077861
In today's world, youth are growing up in a society where social media is an integral part of their sense of self. But what are the repercussions of this, and how can we teach young girls where their true worth and identity is found? Jessie sets out to put the record straight and redefine how girls see themselves. Highlighting the pervasiveness of selfies, the distortion of beauty on social media, and the chase after perfectionism, she offers hope amidst the pressures of internet perfection and reaffirms our identity as God's masterpiece: original, exquisite, and of infinite value.


1 Value
- Am I who I know? – friendships/popularity/family/boys
- Am I what I achieve? – school
- Am I what I look like? – we are more than our image
Be You: You are a Masterpiece (illustration and exploration)

2 Beauty
- Am I enough? – model culture – nobody’s perfect
- Am I pretty? – Instagram perfection culture, comparison
- Am I a selfie queen? – social media
Be Beautiful: You are a Masterpiece (illustration and exploration)

3 Purpose
- Am I what has happened to me?
- Am I happy? – inner critic, don’t worry…
- Am I significant? – future plans, dreaming, the journey
Be a Dreamer: You are a Masterpiece (illustration and exploration)
About the Author
Jessie is the founder of Belle Ministry, an organisation who lead workshops on identity, self-image, purpose and worth within schools. She is a blogger (, a contributor to Premier Praise (where she focuses all her short thoughts on beauty and image), and has been featured in several magazines and online websites (NW Invest, Milk and Honey, Ladies Who Brunch, Valour). Jessie recently graduated from St Mellitus where she studied Theology and Youth Ministry.
Press Reviews

This book brings us girls together as we overcome our common doubts and worries and are released in to the freedom of truth! It's relatable, thought provoking and gives practical wisdom that we can apply to everyday life

- Emma Borquaye, Founder of Girl Got Faith

This book challenges us to question where we’ve got our ideas about beauty and identity from. It's a gentle and encouraging read which will leave you feeling uplifted!

- Meg Cannon, author and founder of

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