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Publication Date: 18 Nov 2010
Series: SPCK Classics
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 128
Author: Maria Boulding
ISBN-13: 9780281063963, 9780281065479

Marked for Life

Prayer In The Easter Christ
By Maria Boulding
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ISBN: 9780281063963
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This new edition of a modern classic on prayer shows how it is not just a hobby or a technique for Christians but an exposure to God in which he progressively takes over. Contemplative prayer, far from being the prerogative of a professional elite, is the fullness of Christian living for anyone. It can completely transform the lives of those who are prepared to take it all the way. Without spending much time on technical distinctions, Marked for Life speaks of the experience of prayer among ordinary people and the Easter experience in the New Testament. It is the meeting of the two that brings the surrender of humankind to God.
About the Author
Dame Maria Boulding, who died in 2009 aged 80, was an enclosed nun for 62 years, a hermit for 19 of them, and yet made an enormous contribution to the Church throughout the English-speaking world by her writings and translations, her life of prayer and her wide friendships.

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