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Publication Date: 22 Oct 2015
Publisher: Marylebone House
Author: Catherine Fox
ISBN-13: 9781910674031, 9781910674048

Love for the Lost

By Catherine Fox
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ISBN: 9781910674031
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ISBN: 9781910674048
Isobel Knox is happy and confident in her new job and likes her single life, free as it is from confusing and complicating entanglements. Supressing her emotions and burying painful memories has become second nature to her, but it seems to work; after all, why should letting it all out necessarily be good for you?
But there are two men who could shatter her calm, brittle world: Davy, a young policeman, who, despite Isobel’s distance, falls in love with her, and Johnny Whitaker, a charismatic priest with a troubled marriage. As Isobel’s feelings for Johnny become stronger and deeper, her façade begins to crack, and the memories and emotions of years before come back, overpowering her with feelings she had thought long past and dealt with.
About the Author
Catherine Fox is an established and popular author. Her debut novel, Angels and Men (reissued by SPCK in 2014) was a Sunday Times Pick of the Year. Her other books include The Benefits of Passion (Marylebone House, 2015) and Acts and Omissions (SPCK) which was chosen as a Guardian Book of 2014. Catherine lives in Liverpool where her husband is dean of the cathedral.
Press Reviews

With a wry sense of humour and an astute sense of personalities, the author charts a year in the life of a curate who at the beginning thinks that she has it all sorted and at the end realizes her need for the grace of God. The book combines good entertainment with good theology. An excellent read, highly recommended!

- goodreads

... yet another superb and gripping novel about faith and forgiveness, love and loss, by the wife of the Dean of Liverpool.

- Paul Beasley-Murray

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