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Publication Date: 21 Jun 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Andy Frost
ISBN-13: 9780281079315, 9780281079322, 9780281081448

Long Story Short

Finding Your Place in God's Unfolding Story
By Andy Frost
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ISBN: 9780281079315
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ISBN: 9780281079322
Your life tells a story.

From beginning to end, your life creates a unique narrative, shaped by the wider stories you find yourself in. For many in the West, the stories that dominate our experience are those of happiness ('just do what makes you happy’), safety (‘it’s not worth the risk’) and significance (‘I want to be remembered').

But what if these stories are too small to really matter?

Exploring the importance such stories play in our lives, Andy Frost, Director of Share Jesus International, presents an alternative narrative – the God Story. Long Story Short invites readers to find their place in the only story big enough to live for.

‘This book is invaluable for discovering, or finding again, your story.’
Tim Hughes

‘Andy encourages us to discover a greater narrative that ultimately helps us to find the real meaning for our existence.’
Lou Fellingham

About the author:
Andy Frost is Director of Share Jesus International and is responsible for kick-starting a variety of projects that help the Church to communicate the story of Jesus. He is a popular speaker and the author of a number of books, and has presented Jesus. The Series.

He is married to Jo and they have two daughters. Currently living in London, Andy loves travelling the world, surfing good waves, pushing himself in physical challenges and eating Mexican food.

Follow him on Twitter @andythefrosty
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About the Author
Andy Frost heads up Share Jesus International, an organisation that exists to help the Church share the life changing message of Jesus. He is a leader of London Mission Collective and a pastor of Surf Church in France. He is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and an ambassador for Care for the Family. He is a regular speaker at Christian Summer Festivals, including Spring Harvest and Big Church Day Out.

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