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Publication Date: 21 Jun 2018
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Andy Frost
ISBN-13: 9780281079315, 9780281079322

Long Story Short

Finding Your Place in God's Unfolding Story
By Andy Frost
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ISBN: 9780281079315
'The universe is made of stories not of atoms,' said American poet Muriel Rukeyser. Whether you agree with this sentiment or not, the fact is: your life tells a story. From beginning to end, your life will create a unique narrative, shaped by the wider stories you find yourself living in.

So what story are you living in?

Exploring the importance of such stories and how these shape our identity, Share Jesus International's Andy Frost humbly presents the ultimate narrative of life, the universe and everything: the God Story.


1. Every life tells a story

2. Happiness, fear and changing the world

3. Story and Identity

4. This thing called faith

5. The God Story

6. Why I have chosen God story as a framework

7. Our story in his story

8. The Challenge

9. Conclusion
About the Author
Andy Frost heads up Share Jesus International, an organisation that exists to help the Church share the life changing message of Jesus. He is a leader of London Mission Collective and a pastor of Surf Church in France. He is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and an ambassador for Care for the Family. He is a regular speaker at Christian Summer Festivals, including Spring Harvest and Big Church Day Out.

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